Troubleshooting Insufficient Funds in PaperCut


The following workflow should be used by staff and student staff who are troubleshooting users inability to print via PaperCut using their DuckBucks account. 

Users not being able to print will see a message that says Insufficient funds to release the job.


  1. Navigate to the DuckPrints Admin Portal and login:
    1. On the left-hand side, click on Users
    2. In the Quick Find field, type in the user's name and press Enter
  2. Scroll down to the primary number field and verify that the UO ID (95#) listed in that field matches the number on the physical card that they are swiping:
    1. If the numbers do not match
      1. The primary number field needs to match the card number.
      2. Since the numbers do not match there is a bigger issue at hand. Please submit a ticket on the Report a Computer Lab Problem service page.
    2. If the numbers match
      1. Inquire to when the DuckBucks account was funded 
        1. If it was funded less than 24 hours ago via QuikPAY, please keep the following in mind: Depending on network traffic, funds deposited via QuikPAY may take up to 24 hours to appear. 
        2. These funds also may be available at the start of the next business day.
      2. If funds were deposited over 24 hours ago, please submit a ticket on the Report a Computer Lab Problem service page.
        1. Make sure to include:
          1. The user's Duck ID
          2. A rough estimate of when the user was trying to print the job, and
          3. the device on which the print job was sent:
            1. Lab computer
            2. User's phone or tablet
            3. User's computer
  3. Check the PaperCut Admin Application Logs
    1. Navigate Is-DuckPrints Admin Portal from a UO network
    2. On left-hand side click Logs
    3. This is the Job Logs Page
    4. Click on the Filter button
    5. In the User field, type the DuckID of the user having issues, click Apply Filter
    6. You should see the the job log populate for the user with details of why the job is failing. 
    7. If there is no job listed for the DuckID, verifiy that the user is logging into the PaperCut client with their DuckID/password.  More help with BYOD printing and PaperCut can be found here.

Need Help?

For more assistance, please submit a ticket on the Report a Computer Lab Problem service page.


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