Getting Started with Cisco Unity Voicemail


Learn how to use voicemail with a Cisco phone. Voicemail uses the Cisco Unity Connection system.

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How to request a voicemail box

Request a mailbox on the Cisco Unity Voicemail Request service page or by pressing the Request Mailbox button on this page.

Voicemail on the Cisco phone system is only available by request.

Where is the Messages key?

The Messages key is the button with the envelope icon on it to the left of the main keypad, to the right of the receiver, and above the settings key, directory key, and volume bar.

Cisco 8851 with Messages Button highlighted

Setting up voicemail 

  1. Press the Messages key; or lift the receiver and press the Messages key
  2. You have been issued a temporary PIN six zeros (000000). When prompted, enter the PIN followed by the pound sign key (#)
  3. From here, the Cisco Unity Connection system will guide you through the setup process through the following prompts:
    1. You will be prompted to record your name.
    2. You will be prompted to add a greeting or keep the standard greeting.

After setup

Once you're all set up, you can press the Messages button to retrieve your voicemail messages.

Additionally, any voicemail messages that come to your extension will also be available in your email inbox with a WAV file (of the audio) and a text transcript.

Retrieving messages from the phone

New message indicators:

  • A solid red light on your handset
  • A stutter dial tone
  • The voicemail icon and number display on the screen along with one idle session button

Listen to Messages

Please Note: To check messages for a specific line, press the line button first.

Press Messages and follow the voice prompts.

Messages will play immediately once you have entered your PIN. To stop immediate playback of messages, wait for the message playback to begin, then press the star key (*) to access the Unity Connections Voicemail menu.

If you enter the PIN incorrectly three times the voicemail box will be locked for 30 minutes.

Dialing from another phone to retrieve messages

Note: Your UO phone extension in the instructions below can also be a department number that receives voicemail.

If you're on campus, calling from an analog line or another phone:

  1. Dial 6-5710 and press the star key (*).
  2. Enter your mailbox number (your extension number: the last five digits of your UO phone number) and your PIN.

If you're off campus:

  1. Dial 541-346-5710 and press the star key (*).
  2. Enter your mailbox number (your extension number: the last five digits of your UO phone number) and your PIN.

Message options

The voicemail menu will become both after you have listened to a message and when you have canceled the playback of messages.

After listening to a message

  • To repeat a message after it has played, press 1
  • To save a message, press 2
  • To delete a message, press 3
  • To reply to a message, press 4
  • To forward a message, press 5
  • To mark a message as new, press 6
  • To skip back (which replays the message), press 7
  • To hear message properties, press 9
  • Cancel playing messages, press the star key (*)
  • For help, press 0

How to navigate the voicemail menu

Press the first level menu option, then the subsequent menu option, and so on.

For example:

  • If I wanted to change my voicemail greeting, I would press 4, then 1.
  • If I wanted to reset my voicemail PIN, I would press 4, then 3, then 1.

Voicemail, settings, and configuration menu

If you pressed the star key (*) to cancel the playback of messages or if you pressed the star key (*) after listening to a message, the following options become available.

  • To listen to new messages, press 1
    • After listening to a message, to repeat, press 1
    • To save a message, press 2
    • To delete a message, press 3
  • To send messages, press 2
    • To send a message, record your message at the tone, then press the pound sign key (#)
      • To mark the message as ​urgent, press 1
      • To attach a return receipt, press 2
      • To mark it private, press 3
      • To send it in the future, press 4
      • To review your message, press 5
      • To re-record your message, press 6
      • To add to the message, press 7
      • To add a name to receive a message, press 91
      • To hear all attached names and to delete any, press 92
      • To send a copy of the message to yourself, press 95
      • To cancel the message, press the star key (*)
  • To listen to saved messages, press 3
  • To go to voicemail setup, options press 4
    • To change your voicemail greeting, press 1
    • For message settings, press 2
      • For notifications settings, press 1
      • To review the menu style, press 3
      • To review your private list, press 4
    • For voicemail preferences, press 3
      • To set a new PIN, press 1
      • To set your recorded name, press 2
      • To set your directory listing, press 3
      • For help, press 0
      • To exit this menu, press the star key (*)
  • To listen to external (from non-Cisco phones and email) messages, press 7
    • To play new messages, press 1
    • To review old messages, press 3
      • For saved message, press 1
      • For deleted message, press 2
    • To exit, press the star key (*)
    • For help, press 0
  • To exit, press the star key (*)
  • For help, press 0

Additional Resources

For additional guidance and information, please refer to the Cisco IP Phones articles.

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