Design Lab - Lawrence M283 Mezzanine


The M283 Mezzanine Lab is a teaching lab used by the College of Design. When no classes are in session, this lab is available to Design students with use of a door code.

Lab Hours

Lab hours are posted on the College of Design scheduling page

The lab requires a door code to enter during off-hours. Follow the guidelines published by the design department in the above link to obtain a door code.


Equipment Type Amount Notes
macOS, iMac 21 One iMac for instructional use

Other peripherals

  • Two speakers
  • Projector


The following software is available in this lab:

General Lab Software

You can find a list of baseline software that is installed here.

Additional M283 Software

  • Arduino
  • Autodesk.Meshmixer
  • Blurb InDesign Plugin 2021
  • Hamrick.Vuescan
  • Krita
  • Maxon Cinema4D
  • Processing
  • Rhino
  • Twine
  • Wacom Drivers

Services and Support

Services provided

Additional Support

For further assistance or to report any issues within the lab, please consult the Report a Computer Lab Program service page or by phone or help desk. Help desk info:

Address: 1190 Franklin Blvd., Eugene, OR 97403
Office: 124 Lawrence Hall
Phone: 541-346-6194


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