How to connect to the College of Design File Server (AAAFileserver)


The College of Design file server hosts shares for academic course folders and temporary storage space for students called the PC-Mac Exchange.   A valid Duck ID is required to access the server. If you are off-campus, a UO VPN connection is also required.   


To connect, please follow the following steps based on your operating system:

For macOS (Apple Computers):

  • In the Finder, click Go, then click Connect to Server
  • In the Connect to Server box, type smb://
  • Enter your Duck ID and password
  • Click Connect
  • In the next window, select the folder to which you wish to connect
  • Click OK
  • The folder should open in a new window in your foreground
Note: If you are working on a public computer, make sure to restart the computer when you are done, so that the next person who sits at the computer cannot make changes to your folder

From Windows:

  • Windows 7: Go to Start and type \\ into the Search box then press Enter.
  • Windows 10:
    • From the Search Box on your taskbar, type in \\, and press Enter
    • From within File Explorer, type \\ in the Address Bar and press Enter.  
  • When you are prompted for a username and password to connect, put in your Duck ID and password
  • Note: If you are prompted to re-enter your password, and it says "AAAFILESERVER\" or the name of your computer in front of your username, please enter AD\ in front of your Duck ID.
    • For example, AD\Duck ID
  • A new File Explorer window will appear, please double-click the folder you wish to open.


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