Export OneDrive For Business Contents to Computer


This article will help you back up the contents of your University of Oregon OneDrive to your local device.

This procedure must be performed before you lose your Office 365 affiliation. For more information on access by affiliation, please consult the Identity Management - Affiliation Resource Access Rules article.


  1. Open your Internet browser and navigate to Office 365
  2. Log in using your UO email address and Duck ID password.
  3. After you are logged in, click on the OneDrive (blue cloud icon) button located on the left-hand side.
  4. You should see the contents of your OneDrive displayed. Click the check mark above your file list to select all of your files (you can click the check to the left of a file or folder to select them individually).
  5. Once you have selected all the files you would like to download, there will be a download button in the row below your OneDrive search bar.
  6. Click Download and choose where you would like to save it to your computer.
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