AppWorx Client Installation


The following is a guide on how to install the AppWorx Job Scheduling client.

To request access to AppWorx, please visit the Business Application Access Request page.



Before proceeding, download the AppWorx client to your machine via AppWorx.

Note: You must have Administrative privileges for your device in order to install this client. If you do not, reach out to your IT support team.


  1. Unzip the client to a folder such as Desktop or Downloads.
    • Right or CTRL-click the folder.
    • Select Extract all...
    • A window will pop up with a default folder. Select Browse... to select a different one.
    • Click Extract.
  2. Right-click on the aw_install.bat file and select Run as administrator to install the client.
    • The client will be installed in the C:\CA-AppWorx directory.
  3. Once complete, double-click on RunAppWorx desktop link to start the AppWorx client.

Common Issues

If you receive the following prompt:

"Windows Protected Your PC" prompt - telling the user that the application is unrecognized.

  1. Click More Info.
  2. Click Run Anyway
  3. Select Open if another prompt comes up.


As of Aug 12, 2022 (the release of version 9.4.1), the AppWorx client is unsupported for Mac and is no longer available for download in Mac format. Each IT department with Mac users who need to access AppWorx is responsible for coming up with a Windows solution. Most departments have provisioned a Windows VM and enabled RDP for their end users on Mac.

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