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This article contains answers to common questions about using Banner 9.

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What password does Banner 9 use?

Banner 9 uses your DuckID password to log in. This is the same password you use for your email and many other UO technology services. More detailed information about Banner passwords is available in this related article.

Is there training available for Banner 9?

The following resources are available:

Can I personalize Banner 9's colors, like I did in Banner 8?

No. Ellucian has chosen to not continue this feature in Banner 9.

Can I make the text larger or smaller?

Yes. Banner 9 text size responds to settings you can change on your computer or device.

The text size in web browsers is commonly referred to as Zoom. To adjust this in many browsers, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts. (Please note that in some browsers, this may adjust the Zoom for all websites.)

  • Windows: Hold CTRL and press + or -
  • macOS: Hold Command and press + or -

Banner 9 may also respond to text size settings configured in your operating system.

For further assistance adjusting the text size in your browser or operating system, contact the IT person or group who provides your local desktop support or the Technology Service Desk.

Can I make the fields farther apart?

Yes. Banner 9 loads all pages by default in Compact Page Layout. Expanded Page Layout offers more padding between the page fields.

You can switch to Expanded by doing the following:

  1. Click Tools
  2. Scroll down to Page Layout
  3. Click Expanded

Doing so will switch pages for the current Banner session to Expanded Page Layout. This layout must be set again with each new session.

There is currently no way to set pages to Expanded by default.

Where is the My Banner menu?

In Banner 9, you must open the menu to find your My Banner selections.

Here's how:

  1. Click the waffle icon on the left to open All Apps And Forms

  2. Click the Banner menu entry

  3. Load any form from My Banner by clicking it within the list that displays

How do I update the selections in the My Banner menu?

The My Banner menu can be updated from GUAPMNU (My Banner Maintenance Form). 

The left box labeled Object Type displays available pages. Note the following:

  • The object list may be shown across multiple pages
  • You can update how many results are displayed per page, or use the blue arrows to move through the pages
  • You can sort the displayed results alphabetically by clicking on the Object or Description column headers

To add pages to My Banner:

  1. Double-click page names in the Object Type box (the text in the Description column will turn blue when the row is selected)
  2. Click Insert Selection
  3. Save (F10)

The right box, labeled Object Selection, displays objects you have chosen to display in your My Banner menu.

To remove pages from My Banner:

  1. Double-click page names in the Object Selection box (the text in the Description column will turn blue when the row is selected)
  2. Click Remove Selection
  3. Save (F10)

What does *ERROR* This function is not available, double click on one or more objects to select them and press the insert button to add to menu mean?

In GUAPMNU, you can only move objects that you have double-clicked. Attempting to move one after only single-clicking on it will present you with this error.

Why did I end up in GJAPCTL?

  • If you accidentally type the name of a job or report into the search field (instead of a form name), Banner will take you into form GJAPCTL instead.
  • You can disregard the error message within GJAPCTL. Exit the form to resume using Banner as usual.

Have a question you don't answered see here?

You can read more about Banner 9 in the Knowledge Base, or submit a service request.


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