How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics 11


Learn how to schedule reports to run and be emailed in Cognos Analytics 11

How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics

Step 1: Create a Report View and save it to My Content

  1. From the left side navigation bar, single-click aCreate a Report View report folder and then subfolder containing the desired report. To the right of the report name, select the three dots to bring up the More menu
  2. Select 'Create report view'
  3. Save the report in your My Content area and update the name, in this example I want to schedule the Budget Status report to send monthly to Dr. Jones so I changed the name to 'Budget Status for Dr. Jones'

Step 2: Create the Schedule

  1. Navigate to your My Content area and find the Report View you just created
  2. To the right of the report view name, select the three dots to bring up the More menu
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click on Schedule
  5. Click the Create schedule button
    Schedule tab then Create schedule button highlighted
  6. In this new window, we will work through the three main tabs: Schedules, Options, and Prompts.
  7. Watch the Summary area update as the schedule is created.
    Schedule settings
    1. Change the frequency type to Monthly
    2. Repeat every 1 month
    3. Schedule by day of the month
    4. Set day to the 11th
      (This is a financial report and I want it to go out after the fiscal period closes.)

The period start and end dates can be left as the default.

Step 3: Go to the Options tab

  1. Choose a Format:
    1. Change the format to send the report as PDF and Excel
    2. Remove HTML
      Options tab
  2. Choose a Delivery method:
    1. Check Send report by email
    2. Click Edit details
    3. Add the email addresses of the report recipients
      (Important: Only use email addresses to keep the data on UO servers.)
      Send report by email window
    4. I opened up the cc and added my own email address
      Send report by email window
  3. Add the email Subject and Message
    1. Important!  Be sure to scroll down and change these settings:
      1. Turn off Include link
      2. Turn on Attach the report
      3. Use the back arrow at the top to return to the Options menu
    2. Remove the check before Save
      Delivery Methods

Step 4: Go to the Prompts tab

  1. Click Set values
    Set values screen
  2. The report prompt page will appear
    Budget Status screen
    1. Enter the desired prompts
    2. Note: For finance reports be sure to utilize the Current Fiscal Year and
    3. Most Recently Closed FP so the prompts do not need to be updated annually.
  3. Click Finish on the prompt page
  4. Select Save at the bottom right

The schedule has been created.  The reports will be emailed like clockwork until the end date, or you change or disable the schedule.

Step 5: Report Output Sharing

Report output can be shared by hard copy or email but the expectation is that information sharing will be limited to UO business purposes. Electronic data and reports need to be kept on university servers. You are constrained in your use and sharing of data by the agreement you signed when hired and when you gained a Cognos account.

Additional Support

If you have questions, contact the IDR team. A quick link to the UO Service Portal is available within the Cognos Analytics Portal.
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