How to Run a Report in Cognos Analytics 11


Learn how to run a report in Cognos Analytics 11.


Upon logging into Cognos, you begin with the Cognos Analytics Portal welcome page.

Navigation and actions take place in three areas, the Top Application Bar, the Side Navigation Bar and the Switcher

Cognos Analytics 11 Portal

Welcome menuAs you run reports, many windows open within the portal so if you lose your way, you can use the switcher in the middle of the top application bar to see all of the reports you have open. 

  • Clicking on Welcome will take you back to the main Cognos Analytics Portal page
  • Clicking on the minus sign next to the report name will close the report

Run a report

From the left side navigation bar, single-click a report folder and then subfolder containing the desired report.

  • Simply click on the report name to run the report as HTML, or,
  • To run the report directly to Excel or PDF, bring up the More menu by selecting the three dots  to the right of the report name, and select Run AsReports window with report menu visible
  • You can also change the output to Excel or PDF after running the report by selecting the run button on the top application bar Run report menu from Top Application Bar
  • If you have questions, contact the IDR team through the UO Service Portal. 
  • A quick link to the UO Service Portal is available within the Cognos Analytics Portal
    Quick link menu to the UO Service Portal option
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