Online and voice directory resources


Learn how to access online and voice directory resources


Campus directory information may be found online at:

You can also call the campus automated operator system, say the name of the person or department you wish to reach, and be transferred to that number.

  • Alternatively, the system can read you back the number in lieu of a transfer.
  • For staff or entities with an email address, the system can read that email address back to you.
Function: Number to dial:
Say name, be transferred From a campus telephone: 6-1000
From 503 area code (Portland): 503-412-3800
From all other area codes: 541-346-1000
Say name, have email address read back From a campus telephone: 6-0003
From off campus: 541-346-0003
Say name, have number played back From a campus telephone: 6-0001
From off campus: 541-346-0001
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