Installing the UO VPN Software (Android)


How do I install the UO VPN software on my Android device?


Initial setup

  1. In the Play Store, search for the Cisco Secure Client-AnyConnect app.
    • Publisher: Cisco Systems, Inc.
      The Cisco Secure Client-AnyConnect app in the Play Store. Below the app title is the publisher's name: Cisco Systems, Inc. On the right is a button which says "Install"
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Open the AnyConnect app.
    • When first opening the app, you may be prompted to accept Cisco's End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Click OK to agree to their terms and conditions.
    • If prompted to grant the app any permissions, click Allow.
  4. Tap connections, then click the blue + icon in the lower-right corner.
    • Description: the description can be anything you like. We recommend using UOVPN.
    • Server address:
  5. Once you have added the connection, it should now appear on the Connection Selector screen.
  6. Press the back arrow to return to the app's main page.

How to connect to the UO VPN

  1. With the app running, slide the Off/On slider towards the upper-right to the On position.
  2. You will now be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Enter your university email address and password, then log in with DUO.
    • If not automatically redirected, you may need to click Open Browser in a prompt in the app to complete the authentication process.
  3. There may be an informational pop-up. Press OK.
  4. If successful, the status should change from disconnected to connected and the padlock symbol should change from open to closed.
    • When connected, you will also see a key icon appear in the status bar at the top of your screen.

How to disconnect from UO VPN

  1. With the app running, slide the Off/On slider in the upper-right to the Off position.
  2. A pop-up screen may appear informing you that you are logged out. You can safely exit this screen.
  3. The app should now display the Disconnected status, and the padlock symbol will change from closed to open.

System Requirements

Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect) is compatible with any Android device running the Android 4 operating system or newer.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions or are in need of further assistance, please visit our UO VPN service page and select the Request Help button to fill out a service request form.


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