Installing the UO VPN Software (Android)


How do I install the UO VPN software on my Android device?


Initial setup:

  1. In the Play Store, look up AnyConnect.
    • Note: Official AnyConnect clients are published by Cisco Systems, Inc.
  2. Install AnyConnect to your device.
  3. Open the app, and allow appropriate permissions.
  4. Tap connections, then Add New VPN Connection with these settings:
    • Description: UOVPN (suggested, can be any name you choose)
    • Server address:
  5. Press the back arrow to return to the app's main page.

How to connect to UO VPN:

  1. With the app running, slide the Off/On slider in the upper-right to the On position.
  2. Enter your Duck ID and Duck ID password.
  3. There may be an informational pop-up, press OK.

How to disconnect from VPN:

With the app running, slide the Off/On slider in the upper-right to the Off position.


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