Connectivity issues with TC2 Loom in Millrace Loom Studio (Art Department)


Connectivity issues with TC2 Loom in Millrace (Art Department): 

The TC2 Weaving Loom is connected to a Mac in the Loom Room (Millrace 1, Room 111). Sometimes the connectivity is lost so that the loom software does not recognize that the loom is connected to the computer. This article explains how to fix that specific issue.


  • iMac in the Millrace Loom Room, running macOS 13.6.3, and the loom software.
  • The loom is connected to the iMac via an Ethernet cable. 


(From a customer email to a technician)

Unfortunately we're having some repeat issues with the TC2 Loom and computer. Again, the connection appears to be lost.

  • I tried scanned for the IP address in the software like you did before and no numbers come up when I do so.
  • I've taken the side panel off the loom and can see that the orange and green lights are still present next to the Ethernet cable, so I think the issue is in the computer.
  • One possible culprit is that the operating system needs updating, but when I try to run that update it's giving me an error message and saying it can't connect to the Wi-Fi.
    • I have tried repeatedly to get onto either UO Secure or UO Guest but no networks are showing up as options, and manually entering the network information isn't working either.
    • We have a student who was trying to finish a piece he was working on with the loom on a deadline, and this tech issue is setting him back.


The iMac is not connected regularly to the network, so this should be done and any updates run.

Once the iMac is connected to the network:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi.
  2. Restart the loom.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Run the loom software and it should connect to the computer. 


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