Call history


Learn how to view call history using a Cisco IP Phone.


View Call History

  1. Press Applications.
  2. Scroll and select Call History.
  3. Select a line to view. Your phone displays the last 150 missed, placed, and received calls.
  4. To view details for a call, scroll to the call, press More, and then press Details.

View Missed Calls Only

  1. View your call history.
  2. Press Missed. Alternately, press the session button mapped to the Call History icon.

Dial Call History

  1. View your call history or navigate to your missed or placed calls.
  2. Scroll to a listing and lift the handset, or press Select.
  3. To edit a number before dialing, press More > EditDial.

Additional Resources

For additional guidance and information, please refer to the Cisco IP Phones articles.


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