iOS Security Guidelines


The information below will help you to secure your iOS device by implementing settings that will help to safeguard your privacy and make your device more secure.



  • Require a passcode or biometric (fingerprint or face) for access.
  • Set the passcode lock to activate after 5 or fewer minutes (1 minute is recommended).
    • Set to erase data after 10 failed passcode attempts
  • Install University of Oregon VPN software if you expect to use untrusted or public networks.
    • Untrusted or public networks include wireless provided in hotels and coffee shops. UO’s VPN provides a secure connection to the University’s network from a remote location. Members of the UO community can utilize the UO VPN
  • Turn on Find my iPhone.
    • If your device is lost, you can track or erase it remotely. 


  • Use a secure network connection.
    • Your cellular carrier network or a secure wireless network are your best choices.
    • Disable Wi-Fi when you are not using it.
    • UO community members can connect to UO Secure Wireless while on campus.
  • Use the UO VPN if you are using untrusted or public Wi-Fi.
    • Be sure you have installed UO VPN.
    • Turn on the VPN by tapping on the AnyConnect icon and then tapping the slider next to VPN.
    • VPN will be displayed in the upper left of your iOS device’s screen when the VPN is successfully connected.
  • Turn off or restrict Bluetooth, AirDrop, and other connections when they are not in use.
    •  Turn off Bluetooth and other connections when you aren't using them, and limit access via Mac/iOS AirDrop. This helps you save your battery charge and protects you from unwanted material.
    • Go to Settings to turn Bluetooth and WiFi on and off as needed and to restrict or turn off AirDrop (AirDrop is in Settings --> General)


Additional Best Practices for iOS devices

  • Turn off  “Ask To Join Networks” (under Wi-Fi settings).
  • Turn off GPS/Location Services for apps where you do not need it (under Privacy Settings).
  • Set your web browser for private browsing.  See this article for if you use Safari.  For Chrome, open the Chrome menu and look for advanced privacy settings.
  • Turn on airplane mode when you do not need to use your phone, GPS, radio, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.  
    • This article provides instructions on how to enable airplane mode on your iOS device.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Travel safely with technology. Take precautions while you are away from home and to protect the university’s sensitive data.