Tips for the best Zoom experience


To ensure you have the best experience using Zoom, follow the five tips below.


1. Download the Zoom Application

Downloading the Zoom application onto your computer provides you complete access to the suite of Zoom tools such as polls, virtual backgrounds, and more. Note that Zoom version 5 is required to join meetings and classes beginning May 30, 2020.

Learn how to install the Zoom application.

2. Join Online

Zoom allows you two choices for joining a meeting: by dialing in using a phone or by computer with a meeting link. To help ease the load on our local communications grid, access your Zoom meeting through your computer. When joining, click on the "Join Audio by Computer" option.

Note: The phone numbers provided to connect to a UO Zoom meeting are not toll-free. Attendees calling in from cell phones or using the incorrect call-in number for their country may incur charges from their phone service provider.

3. Use a Virtual Background

If you're in a location where you would prefer not to show your background, you can obscure it by either blurring it or by using Zoom's Virtual Background feature.

Learn how to use Virtual Backgrounds, including add custom UO backgrounds.

4. Protect Your Meeting

Zoombombing can occur when an unwelcome user is disrupting a Zoom class or meeting with racist, misogynistic or vulgar messages or images.

Learn how to protect your meeting and prevent Zoombombing.

5. Limit Background Noise

Cut down on the amount of background noise by making sure your microphone is muted when you are not talking. Using headphones can also help cut down on the amount of background noise heard during a meeting, as well as help you hear better.

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