Domain Name Services

Service Description

Domain Name Services allows users to request a custom domain name or request changes to an existing domain. In special circumstances we are also able to assist in accomodating domain names (see the Requirements section below for more information about domain names).

Click on the Request Help button to request assistance with the following types of domain name requests:

  • Domain name assistance for a site
  • Domain name assistance for a Drupal website hosted on the UO Drupal Hosting Service
    • NOTE: If you are attempting to point an existing domain name at UO Drupal Hosting for the first time, please select the "Update or changes to a domain name" option on the request form.
  • A new domain name for printers or copiers on the UO's private network
  • Domain name updates (e.g. cname requests, TTL changes, etc.)
  • Other domain name related questions or requests

Note: For UO Blogs domain requests, visit the Web Development & Hosting service.

Available To

Current UO affiliation


Before purchasing a domain name, it's strongly recommended you consult with UO IT staff due to the additional configuration steps that are required to setup a domain name. Click on the Request Help button to submit a ticket.

Accessing the Service

Click on the Request Help button.


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Support Contact

Click on the Request Help button on this page.

Service Levels

To check the status of this service, go to

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

Service Charges

There are no additional charges for the use of this service.

Service Provider

Information Services


URL, website, address, cname, IP, domain name, dns

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