Firewall & Custom VPN Services

Service Description

A network firewall is used to control the information that flows through network connections. It can be used to block all communications from the Internet, making the service available only to campus, or block only certain types of communications to reduce the security exposure of a service.

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Available To

UO faculty and staff


This service has no additional requirements.

Accessing the Service

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Support Contact

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Service Levels

Maintenance for firewall services typically occur Mondays at 3:30-7am and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 5am-7am. See Network maintenance windows at

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To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

  • To report a campus network down emergency* after hours: call (541) 346-6387, select option 3 and leave a message.
  • *Network down emergency: A network problem affecting multiple campus users and/or portions of a building or larger.

Service Charges

$125/month for the base firewall context license, one inside network zone and one outside network zone.

Additional services $41.66/month each:

  • Additional firewall protected zone: This includes each physically separate IP network connected to the firewall, excluding the inside and outside networks included in the base service.
  • Administrative VPN services: This includes both IPSec and SSL client VPN access. The VPN can be configured for split-tunneling or full tunneling. Only users identified as IT contacts for the covered department may use this VPN service.
  • User VPN services: This includes both IPSec and SSL client VPN services for end-users. The VPN can be configured for split-tunneling or full tunneling. IT contacts for the department must provide and maintain a list of Duck ID’s that are allowed to use this resource on at least a quarterly basis.
  • Point-to-point VPN service: This includes any and all point-to-point VPN connections that must terminate on the virtual firewall.

Costs to upgrade in-building and core networking equipment are not covered by these fees and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis if necessary.

Total cost of the UO-CFS service will be prorated to twelve months and billed on a monthly basis along with the unit’s telephone bill.

Service Provider

Information Services


firewall, University’s Centralized Firewall Services, UO-CFS

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