Annual Telephone Dept and Staff Directory Update


How do I submit changes to the department and/or staff listings in the UO Directory?


  1. From a UO network (wired or wireless), open the Directory Review page:
  2. Search for your Department or Unit.
  3. The search results will have the listings matching your query, along wth links to view or download listings for Department or Staff. Depending on your search, you may see more than one result.
  4.  The View link will let you see the current Department or Staff listing so you can review it.  
  5. After clicking View, you can return to the directory listing by clicking your browser's Back button or arrow to the previous page.
  6. If after viewing the Department and/or Staff listings, you determine there are updates due, click on the respective Download link to download a copy of the listing in Word format.
  7. When you click on a Download link, what happens next depends on your browser. Most commonly, a dialog box will appear that asks you if you want to open the document in Word or some other application.  Select Word and click OK if presented with these options.
    • In some cases your browser may just save the file in a download folder. If that happens you can open your browser's download folder and double click the document to open it.
  8.  When the document opens in Word, note that you may see a bar at the top of the document that indicates you may need to Enable Editing. If presented with this bar, click the Enable Editing button.
  9. At this point you should be able to edit the document and make any needed changes.  
    • The document will have Word's Track Changes feature on. You will see your changes highlighted as you edit. Please leave the Track Changes feature on, as it will allow our staff to easily see what changes you want put in place.
    • The useful information will be presented inside a table.  You can add rows, delete rows, make changes to the text, etc.
    • Don't worry too much about the formatting of the document (e.g. fonts, spacing etc.). As long as the information you want to convey is there in the basic form you want it presented (entries are present in the right order).  We use your document to update records in Banner, which will be the source of the data for the printed directory and online searches.
  10. VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you are done making edits, Save your work somewhere you can find the edited document, perhaps your computer's desktop or in your Documents folder.  
    • If you do not save your work, the changes will not be saved.
    • We recommend you name the file something useful, using the name of the Department and whether it's a Dept or Staff listing
  11. Repeat for any Department or Staff listings you need to change. Download the respective listing, edit as needed, and save into a useful filename.
  12.  When ready to submit your changes go to the UO Directory service, click on the Request Help button, complete the form and attach the Word document(s) you edited earlier so they are included as email attachments.


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