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Digest Options in Mailman


Digest delivery is a way to bundle many messages into one package, which can be delivered once per day, or whenever the package reaches a specified limit. Some users will prefer this method of delivery, as it limits the amount of individual messages each user receives.


Batched-delivery digest characteristics


  • The administrator may enable or disable the digest option. By default, it is left enabled, meaning that it each list subscriber can choose whether or not they want to receive list messages that way.


  • Allows the administrator to set the default delivery mode for new users. A user may change his or her digest setting at will; This setting only affects new subscribers.


  • Allows the administrator to set the default format of the digest message. Here you have two options: MIME and Plaintext. The default is plaintext, which is a format that can be read by most, if not all, mail readers. It will allow the widest range of compatibility. MIME can be used to send things by email which are not necessarily simple plain text. (For example, MIME would be used if you were sending a picture).


  • Allows the administrator to specify the maximum length that a digest message can be before it is sent out and another one is started.


  • Will determine whether or not a message is sent daily whether or not the digest threshold is met.

Digest_header and digest_footer 

  • Provide locations in which the administrator can include a message or notification at the top or bottom of each digest message.


  • Determines how often the list increments the Volume counter (more information about Volume counter below). The default is monthly.


  • When a digest list is started, it begins at Volume 1, Issue 1. Each time a message is sent, by default Mailman will increment the Issue counter by 1. This option determines whether or not Mailman ever increases the Volume counter. The default is "no", but if it is set to "yes", the (digest_volume_frequency) then determines how often the list increments the Volume counter.


  • Allows the list administrator to immediately send the digest message regardless of message length.


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