UOCloud New Virtual Machine Request

Use this service to request support with an existing virtual machine, such as support for memory, CPU, vcenter permissions, and others.

Note: Before submitting a ticket, please review the UOCloud Virtual Machine Knowledge base article.

How to Request a New Virtual Machine

To request support click Request New VM (top right of the page) and provide the following required information:

See the Is Your Service Managed by IS Knowledge Base article to determine if your service is, or is not managed by IS.

  • Who will maintain the VM (Not IS-Managed, IS-Managed)
Not IS Managed 
  • Name of server(s)
  • Operating System and version
    • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/8)
    • Windows (Server 2016/2019/2012R2)
  • Service Tier (1 CPU/2048 MB/32 GB, Custom)
  • Request Type (Virtual Machine, Physical to Virtual Migration (P2V) OVA/OVF Deployment, Other)
  • Does host have own network
  • Network Interface (subnet mask or VLAN)
  • AD users/groups that will have administrative access
  • Service Notification Mailing List
  • Emergency Contact
  • Additional comments
IS Managed
  • Name of server(s)
  • Operating System and version
    • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/8)
    • Windows (Server 2016/2019/2012R2)
  • How many VMs
  • AD OU
  • Does host have own network
  • Special Backup instructions
  • Is F5 Load Balancing required
  • Do you request firewall rules
  • Host monitoring rules
  • Is network storage required (SMB/NFS/iSCSI)
  • Which data security standard (public, internal, sensitive)
  • Service Owner (group/user responsible for administration)
  • Stakeholders (group/user to be notified)
  • Additional Comments
  • Windows Only
    • AD OU
    • McAfee Virus Exclusions
    • Windows Patch

Availability and Access

Faculty and staff with IT support staff who can maintain the operation of the virtual machines.


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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Request New VM

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