Is your server managed by Information Services?


This article is intended help you determine whether your server is managed by Information Services (IS).

Determination Methods

IS-Enterprise Systems Repository File

The best way to determine whether a server is managed by the Enterprise Systems teams in IS, is to check whether the server is in the Puppet Control Repository file located in Bitbucket.

  • If you are a systems administrator and you do not have access to this file, then the server you are inquiring about is likely not managed by IS.
    • All stakeholders of IS managed servers should have access to this file. 
  • If you are not a systems administrator, please contact a systems administrator within your unit to assist with server administration.

Through service management

You may also determine whether a server is managed by IS by the services that the Enterprise Services team provides with management. If the Enterprise Services team provides manages any of the following aspects of the server, then it may be managed by IS.

  • Certificate installation and integration
  • Group Policy
  • MSSQL Installation
  • NFS mounts
  • Package installations
  • Operating System Patching
  • Puppet changes
  • Server firewalls
  • Storage association
  • Troubleshooting


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