IDR Cognos Advanced Report Writer Training


This training is intended for UO employees who wish to contribute to university knowledge creation by designing and developing reports with greater complexity, or to work on enterprise level reports.


  1. You must have a Cognos report writer license so that you can sign into Cognos and edit reports. 
  2. Completion of both Cognos Report trainings:
    1. IDR Cognos Report User
    2. IDR Cognos Report Writer
  3. Report writing requires some baseline knowledge this training is not intended to provide. Prior to taking this training class, a trainee must possess:
    1. Knowledge of Cognos report writing concepts;
    2. Superior understanding of database terminology and concepts, data structures and entity relationship diagrams;
    3. Superior understanding of Ellucian Banner data;
    4. Solid understanding of trainee’s department’s data and business processes;

Training scope

This training does not include Banner data training or university’s business processes, and is not intended to teach student, human resources, or financial data analysis.


The training manual can be accessed in the files section to the right.

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