How to Fix UO Secure Connectivity Issues using UO WiFi Setup (Windows 10)


If your login information is correct, your Windows device is updated, and if you've tried most basic known troubleshooting methods to attempt to connect to UO Secure but it still won't connect, then this article will teach you how to fix the issue in most cases.


Step One: Forgetting UO Secure Network

  1. Forget the UO Secure Network by selecting the WiFi icon on the bottom right (in the taskbar).
  2. Select Network & Internet settings
  3. Select Wi-Fi within the left bar on the new window.
  4. Select Manage known networks on the right, then this should open a list of networks.
  5. Click on UO Secure, then the Forget button.
    • This will remove UO Secure from the list. (Note: if you don't see UO Secure in that list, that's fine! That means the network is already removed)

Step Two: Connecting to UO WiFi Setup

  1. Connect to UO WiFi Setup by selecting the Wi-Fi icon once more, and selecting UO WiFi Setup.
    Connect to UO WiFi Setup
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click JoinNow to begin downloading the installer.
    Download the WiFi setup client for Windows 10
  4. Run the installer (by default, installers will download to your Downloads folder).
    Run the installer to set up UO Secure
  5. Enter your Duck ID and password, then select Next.
    • Once the program completes, you should be authenticated for UO Secure.
  6. The program will automatically connect you to UO Secure. If it doesn't, select the Wi-Fi icon on your top bar once more, and try reconnecting to UO Secure, it should allow you on the network now.
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