How To Request Adobe Services For Self-Service Option


How do I request Adobe services for self-service option?


There are two solutions depending on whether your computer is university-owned, or personally-owned:

UO-Owned Computers

If you are in a managed environment (i.e. your department is served by an IT team or department), then you need to ask them for help getting Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer. To find out if you are already served by an IT team or department, view the Department & Unit IT Support list or ask your manager.

Warning! It can be critically important that you reach out to your local IT Department or Team for access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Some IT teams have configured the computers they manage to make it easier to provide service to you and maintain your system — because of this, attempting to install a self-service package in this situation could cause issues when you attempt to install or operate Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer.

If you require Adobe Creative Cloud services and are not in a managed environment, follow the instructions below.

Personally-Owned Computers or unmanaged UO Computers: Downloading and Installing the Adobe CC App

Note: It is critically important that you only use the steps below for your own, personally-owned computer(s) or unmanaged UO computer. If you do this on a managed UO-owned computer, you may run into issues when installing or operating the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

To access Adobe software on personally-owned computers or unmanaged UO computers, faculty and staff will need to download the Creative Cloud desktop application:

  1. Go to the Creative Cloud website and sign in
  2. When signing in, use your UO email address
  3. When prompted, select Company or School Account
  4. You will be redirected to the UO login page. Enter your Duck ID and password
  5. Download the Creative Cloud application. This will allow you to easily manage your Creative Cloud apps and services, as well as download and install any licensed Adobe CC apps on your computer.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues, use the same link above to request help or call the Information Services Technology Service Desk at 541-346-HELP (541-346-4357).


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