Faculty Review Module - How to Create Review Records in PWAREVW


This article explains how to create review records in Banner PWAREVW.


In order to standardize and to improve visibility of career, tenure track, and tenured faculty review schedules, schools and colleges will enter and maintain review dates in the Banner screen PWAREVW.

Schools and colleges are responsible for ensuring these dates accurately reflect the tenure and post-tenure plans of their faculty as well as the appropriate review schedule for career faculty; UO will use the dates in this system as the official data to track completed reviews as well as anticipate and validate future faculty reviews.

The reviews we track in PWAREVW are:

  • Annual review (pre-tenure)
  • Midterm review (sometimes called contract renewal or third year review)
  • Tenure decision expected
  • Tenure decision required
  • Third-year post-tenure review
  • Sixth-year post-tenure review
  • Career faculty performance reviews

The file on the right of this page (or linked here) is the user guide that describes how to track reviews in Banner and retrieve reports from Cognos to project reviews due in current and future academic years.

Need Help?

If you don't have access, but believe you need access to PWAREVW, please review the How to get or update Banner access article.


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