Configuring UO Secure (ChromeOS)


How do I connect to UO Secure on my Chrome OS device (Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebit, Chromebase, etc)?


To connect to UO Secure:

  1. Connect to the UO WiFi Setup network. 
    Wi-Fi connection list on Chrome OS with UO WiFi Setup highlighted
  2. Visit the UO Secure setup site by navigating to an HTTP site (not HTTPS) to get automatically redirected.
    1. An example of an HTTP site is:
    2. For HTTPS: Connect to UO Secure
  3. Let the system automatically detect that you are using ChromeOS.
    1.  If the autodetection fails, manually select ChromeOS from the drop-down box.
  4. Install the Chrome extension when prompted by clicking the Install button (you must be logged in to a non-guest ChromeOS profile). It will direct you to the Chrome Webstore.
    1. You will need to connect to UO Guest to install the extension.
    2. Stay on UO Guest to complete the process.
      SecureW2 setup page for UO Secure with the Install button highlighted
      The Chrome Web Store entry for the SecureW2 JoinNow MultiOS Wi-Fi configuration utility with the Add to Chrome button highlighted
  5. Enter your Duck ID and password and click Download button. It will automatically save the ONC file to your device. 
    SecureW2 setup page for UO Secure with the username and password fields highlighted
  6. It will automatically open a new tab that is chrome://net-internals/#chromeos. Switch to that tab. Click the link in the option that says Import ONC file has moved to chrome://network#general
    • Chrome OS's chrome://net-internals screen showing a message that the Import ONC file option has moved to chrome://network
  7. In the Import ONC File section of the network screen, select Choose File and upload the .onc file you just downloaded.
    • Once you upload the file, it will tell you how many networks were imported. There should be two: UO Secure and eduroam. Continue to the next step.
      Chrome OS's Chrome://network screen with the Import ONC file option highlighted
      Chrome OS file picker with the UO Secure setup .onc file highlighted
  8. Connect to the UO Secure network.
    1. You should not have to enter your username or password as that should be included in the .onc file that was already loaded.

Common Issues

If you are receiving the message "Errors occurred during ONC parsing. Networks imported: 0" when importing your .onc file, make sure you have forgotten the UO Secure network and the eduroam networks completely from your Network Settings. Then restart the device and try the steps above again. 

Some Acer chromebooks have a bug where the screen doesn't change when you select the ONC file when trying to import it to the network settings. Even though it doesn't look like the file was loaded, it actually does load correctly. All that needs to be done after that is follow step 8. (You may need to enter the username and password though, contrary to what step 8 says)


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