How To Move or Share a Cognos Report using XML


This describes the method for accessing the report specification XML and copying it to the clipboard, or opening a new report from previously copied XML.

Accessing the report specification XML can be useful for many purposes, like sharing the report with other authors, getting assistance from the IDR Team, migrating a report from Cognos Test to Cognos Prod, or tracking your changes in a versioning tool like Git.


Copy a report XML

  1. Log into Cognos (Prod or Test)
  2. Edit the desired report
  3. Click the more icon (three dots) and select Copy report to clipboard
    More options menu, Copy report to clipboard option highlighted
Note: If you are sharing the report, paste XML from the clipboard into Notepad or another text editor.

Open a report from XML

  1. Log into Cognos (Prod or Test)
  2. Click the Create New button in the lower left corner of the screen
  3. Click Report
  4. Allow the default blank template and click OK
  5. Click the more icon (three dots) and select Open report from clipboard
    More options menu, Open report from clipboard option highlighted


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