Installing OneDrive for Business (Windows)


How do I install OneDrive for Business on Windows?


  1. Follow these instructions to download Office 365 for Windows.
  2. Open the OneDrive application.
  3. Opening the application for the first time will cause a window below to show.
    1. Go back to your online OneDrive and copy the URL.
    2. Paste the URL in the text box where it says "Paste your library URL here".
    3. Then click the Sync Now button at the bottom of the window.
      OneDrive Library Selection Window For Pasting Your OneDrive URL to Sync.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in once more. Enter your UO email address in the text box and click the orange Next button.
  5. It will then ask for your password. Once entered, click the Sign in button.
    • It will begin to sync your online OneDrive with OneDrive for Business on your computer.
  6. To see your OneDrive files, go to File Explorer and click on the OneDrive folder on the left.
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