How are files on Shell protected from deletion and corruption?


How are files on Shell protected from deletion and corruption?



User directories are periodically copied to backup media. Although Information Services takes reasonable steps to backup user files, users are encouraged to make their own backups of very important data or data that will not be accessed for long periods of time (months or years). The backup schedule is as follows:

  • Four-hour Snapshots: Snapshots of all user home directory file systems are taken every four hours (4 a.m., 8 a.m., noon, etc.) and retained for approximately four days.
  • Nightly Snapshots: Nightly snapshots of all user home directory file systems are taken nightly at 12:10 a.m. and retained for approximately 30 days.


Although backups of centrally stored data is performed primarily for disaster recovery purposes by Operations, users can request the restoration of files they have accidentally lost that may have been stored in their email or user directory. Files stored in daily or nightly snapshots can be recovered by users through the snapshot recovery system.

For more information on recovering your data from a snapshot please consult the How do I recover lost files on Shell? article or submit a ticket on the Desktops & Devices Support service page. Make sure your request covers all of the files you need to have restored.


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