Managing notifications in Viva Engage


How do I manage notifications from Viva Engage ( that I am receiving in my email inbox?

What is Viva Engage?

  • Viva Engage is a a way for leaders, communicators, and employees within an organization to connect, that was previously branded as Yammer.
  • Even if you have not used this service, all users with A5 licensing currently have a Viva Engage account.


Users are able to opt themselves out of these notifications through one of two methods. The fix is to ensure account notifications in Viva Engage (Yammer) are set to your preference (most likely, no).

  • The default notification settings notify users via email for activity, including for All Company - the entire organization.
  • Based on how it is configured by Microsoft, administrators have no way to remove users from receiving communications from All Company, or stop generic Yammer update emails.

Method 1: Direct link

This link should work directly, otherwise users can navigate to set their preference through Method 2 below. 

Method 2: Through Viva Engage (Yammer)

  1. Go to Viva Engage (Yammer)
  2. Enter your UO email address in the sign-in field.
    1. If this is the first time you have signed in, you will be redirected to sign in with your Duck ID username.
    2. Otherwise, you will sign-in using your UO email address and password using the Microsoft sign-in experience.
  3. Go to the Settings menu indicated by a gear icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Select Edit Settings.
  5. Select Notifications.
  6. Check or uncheck the notifications as you wish.
    Viva Engage notifications screen
  7. Select Save to save your changes.

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