Getting Started with Microsoft Copilot for Enterprise


Learn how to use Copilot for Enterprise, the web-based, AI-powered chat companion tool from Microsoft, formerly called Bing Chat Enterprise.

  • Copilot for Enterprise uses the GPT-4 language model and the DALL-E 3 image generation model.
  • It is available for use by University of Oregon faculty and staff through our Microsoft site-license agreement.
  • Copilot for Enterprise will protect any queries or data submitted through it for faculty and staff only.
  • This is not Copilot for M365 that would be able to access organizational data. This is not intended for student use.


Copilot is the AI-based service offering from Microsoft that works within many different aspects. This article covers the publicly available AI-powered chatbot that uses public data under commercial data protection offered to Microsoft enterprise subscribers like the University of Oregon.

Accessing Copilot for Enterprise

To access Copilot for Enterprise, you can navigate to its home page.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign-in with your full UO email address and password.


  • Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser are the recommended and supported browsers at this time.
    • For Firefox and Safari users: Copilot for Enterprise is accessible through a login prompt. Enter your full UO email address and password to proceed.
  • This is a public preview of Copilot for Enterprise and may offer some surprises and mistakes. It is still in active development.
  • Faculty and staff will have their personal and company data protected in accordance with the UO site-license agreement with Microsoft.
  • Student affiliations of any kind may be able to sign in but none of their data will be protected.
  • Queries are limited to 30 responses per conversation style per browser session.

Using Copilot for Enterprise

Upon signing in to Copilot for Enterprise, you will be directed to its homepage where it offers some introduction to the tool as well as some prompts to begin searches and queries.

Microsoft Copilot search home page.

Searches and queries can be configured to one of three conversation styles:

  • More Creative
    • Copilot for Enterprise will reply more conversationally like using any other conversational AI chatbot and provides longer replies.
    • As of May 2024, Copilot is using the GPT-4 Turbo model for this setting.
  • More Balanced (by default)
    • Copilot for Enterprise will strike a balance between a conversational tone and shorter search results.
  • More Precise
    • Copilot for Enterprise will be more precise similar to search results.
    • Replies will be much more concise.

In all conversation styles, Copilot for Enterprise will cite its sources and offer follow-up suggestions to videos, podcasts, websites, and other pages to continue your research.

Next steps

Once Copilot for Enterprise has replied, you can choose from four options if you wish by hovering your cursor over the response:

  • Like (indicated by a thumbs-up icon)
  • Dislike (indicated by a  thumbs-down icon)
  • Copy (indicated by a copy icon)
    • This will copy the response to your system's clipboard.
  • Export (indicated by a down arrow icon)
    • This will allow for download as a Word (DOCX) document file, a PDF file, or a text file.

Selecting like and dislike will prompt a dialog box to offer feedback to Microsoft to improve Copilot for Enterprise's performance and user experience. You choose to share your chat prompt, response, and diagnostic data with Microsoft. Once the feedback form is complete, you can click Submit.

Submit feedback to Microsoft.

Need Help?

For more questions about Copilot for Enterprise, please consult the Frequently asked questions: AI, Microsoft 365 Copilot for Enterprise, and Microsoft Designer article from Microsoft.

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