Getting Started with JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion


Learn how to get started with the JAWS screen reader, ZoomText screen magnifier and reader, and Fusion combination software.

These tools for Microsoft Windows are available to everyone at the University of Oregon, including for personal use.

Software Description


JAWS is a popular screen reader for Microsoft Windows. Screen readers provide an audio version of visual content, reading out text, describing images, and allowing the user to interact with a computer without relying on looking at the screen. Screen readers are widely used by people who are blind or who have low vision, as well as some people who have reading, language, or learning disabilities.

JAWS provides speech and Braille output, is more customizable than other screen readers, and may work better with some Windows software than competitors.


ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a program for Microsoft Windows for people with low vision that provides screen magnification tools and has a built-in screen reader.


Fusion combines both JAWS and ZoomText for integrated functionality.


  • This software can be used by anyone affiliated with UO.
  • It can be installed on both UO-owned and personal computers, for both business and personal use. It requires Microsoft Windows.


For UO-managed computers

The installers for JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion are available on UO-managed Windows computers through Software Center for Windows.

  1. On your UO-managed Windows computer, open the Software Center. (Learn how to open the Software Center for Windows.)
  2. Search for the JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion product.
  3. Click Install.

For personal or non-UO-managed Windows computers

To install JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion on a personally-owned Windows computer, or a UO-owned computer that's not UO-managed, please visit the Freedom Scientific Portal.

  • Enter your UO email address, which will verify our licensing.
  • Follow the prompts to select a product and complete the registration process to download the software.

Not sure if your Windows computer is UO-managed?

Contact your local IT support team.

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