Retrieving Zoom Poll Results


Learn how to retrieve Zoom poll questions and answers.


After a meeting

To retrieve Zoom poll questions and answers follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal
    1. Select Sign In
    2. Enter your Duck ID and password
  2. In the left menu, select Reports
  3. Click Meeting Report
  4. In the Date fields enter the From and To dates
  5. In the third drop-down menu, choose Poll Report
  6. Click Search and a list of all meetings during that time frame will appear
  7. Click Generate next to the meeting that you would like to see poll results from
  8. If the meeting contained poll questions and answers there will be a Download button next to the meeting information
  9. Choose where to save the file and click OK. When you open it, the file will open with your computer's default spreadsheet program
    1. If registration was turned on and the poll was not anonymous, it will list the participants' names and email addresses
    2. If registration was not on, it will show the results, but list the users as Guest
    3. If the poll was anonymous, it will show anonymous for the participants' names and email addresses

During a meeting

  1. Start the scheduled meeting
  2. Start the poll and collect responses, then end the poll
  3. Click Download in the bottom-left corner of the poll results window. Zoom will open your default browser to begin your download.
Note: You may have to sign in to your Zoom account if you're not already.

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