Connecting headsets


Learn how to connect a headset to your Cisco IP Phone.


If you have an RJ-10 headset, connect it to the headset port on the reverse side of the phone.

Headset port

If you have a USB headset, connect it to the side USB port.

If you have a Y-cable headset, connect the larger connector to AUX port and the smaller to the Headset port.

If you have a Bluetooth headset or device, connect it by:

  1. Pressing the Bluetooth button on the back of the base twice
  2. Select for your headset from the Settings screen from your device.

The Bluetooth LED lights white when pairing is successful.

Note: If you have multiple headsets configured, the most recent one will be active.

What Is the Best Way to Use My Headset?

If you use a headset to dial or answer a call, your headset is the primary audio path, and a headset icon displays in the right corner of the header bar. Press Answer to automatically.

Compatible Cisco Headsets:

NOTE: Central Telecom will provide best effort support for any headsets purchased directly from an outside company,  Should the headset not work as expected after initial troubleshooting please contact company of purchase for further troubleshooting or processing returns.

Cisco Headset Compatibility Guide

Additional Resources

For additional guidance and information, please refer to the Cisco IP Phones articles.


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