UO Blogs: Menus


How do I create a menu to show up on my UO Blogs website?


Menus appear in different menu locations within a UO Blogs website. These locations are theme dependent but they all rely upon the same underlying structure found within the Dashboard section of the site. Viewing the dashboard requires logging-in to the UO Blogs service with your Duck ID.

This process is valid for creating a new menu if you don't have a menu on your site or if you want to create an additional menu:

  1. Log-in to your UO Blogs website with your Duck ID
  2. Move your cursor over the Appearance option then select MenusThis will send you to the menu editor screen
  3. Click on the create a new menu link and give it a name of your choosing
    Menus screen with create a new menu link highlighted
  4. Once the menu is created, you can add links through the Add menu items column. This only works with published content and it is organized by content type. Select your content then click the Add to menu button to add it to the Menu structure column.
    Menu editor with Add menu items column highlighted
  5. The content under Menu structure can be modified in a few ways. Drag the items into the order you prefer. Click the arrow on the right of the item to reveal additional configuration options (like modifying the link text).
    Menu editor page with the Menu structure panel highlighted
  6. Once your content is in place, go to the Menu Settings section below the menu structure pane to assign a Display Location. Note: This will vary by theme but the theme should indicate a primary menu location. If your menu has sub-items, be sure to select both the primary menu location and the submenu location to view the menu fully (as seen in the image below).
    Menu editor with Menu Settings panel highlighted
  7. Once your menu content and location(s) has been selected, click Save Menu to save all changes.


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