Voiceboard Privacy and Media Settings


An instructor can change both Privacy and Media settings on a Voiceboard post. Doing so changes who can see whose posts, and what kind of media students can or cannot include in their Voiceboard response messages. Keep reading below to learn all the options and how to change these settings. 

This image depicts the Privacy and Media Settings options available to an instructor creating a Voiceboard activity in ANVILL.

Privacy settings

Instructors can choose whether Voiceboard discussions are private (the student can only see their own posts and instructors) between just the instructor and a student) or public (the student can see their and everyone else's posts, and everyone can see the student's posts). Voiceboard's default privacy setting is Public but is easily changed to Private.

How to change the default setting from public to private:

  1. Find the section titled Settings at the bottom of the Voiceboard editor screen.
  2. Slide the button under the Privacy setting to the right. 

This image shows instructors how to adjust the Privacy Setting button in an ANVILL Voiceboard Activity.

Media settings

The instructor can choose which media types students can (or cannot) add to their Voiceboard comments. Default settings allow students to add audio, video, images, and documents to their Voiceboard comments.

How to change media options 

  1. Find the section titled Settings at the bottom of the Voiceboard Editor screen.
  2. Uncheck any boxes for media types you do not want students to be able to add (i.e. images, video, etc.). See the example below of both checked and unchecked boxes.This image shows how to restrict or change the options available to students when adding media to Voiceboard responses.


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