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Policy regarding telephone changes and associated costs (i.e., adds, deletes, moves, swaps, and repairs).


Request Types

It is the policy of Information Services (IS) to not allow users to move their own phones to different locations, outside of our work order process. For any types of phone moves, adds or changes, Information Services requires that request go through a work order process. Below is a breakdown of request types with their charges, as well as reasoning for this policy:

  • Move - a single user is moving from the jack their phone is currently getting service, to any other jack on campus. This could be within the same office, or to a different building. Excluding swaps, this requires a technician on site. 
  • Swap - a specific type of move, involving multiple users who all have the same phone type (analog or VoIP). A user is moving from their current jack, to a location where a phone of the same type is already active but is either being removed or moved elsewhere. After a work order has been generated, users may move their phones from their location to the other active location. This change does not require a technician on site. 
  • Delete - a phone is being removed from service. Unless another phone number is taking the place of that phone, service will be terminated at that jack. This change requires a technician on site. 
  • Add - a new phone is being installed, either in an unused location, or where another user is being moved from or removed. This change typically requires a technician on site.
  • ​​Repaira phone is not working in its documented location. This change typically requires a technician on site. 

Cost breakdown

Cost breakdown by service.
Service Cost
Moves or additions $80 for the first action
$40 for each additional action on the same work order
Swaps $15 per phone involved
Deletes Free
Repairs Typically free.
Charge may apply if a repair is needed because documentation doesn't match our records, or no problem actually found


Information Services is required to accurately report the location of each campus telephone to statewide 911 database. This allows emergency responders to arrive at the appropriate location in response to a 911 callAdditionally, IS must have accurate records to use in any repair or troubleshooting instances. If the work order process has been engaged, IS will allow users to move their phones for swaps. Because a technician does not need to be on site for that work, IS charges a lower rate for time spent updating documentation and other remote work.
However, if IS finds a phone has been moved outside of the work order process, IS reserves the right to back-bill the user the full $80 per phone. The one exception allowed are approved conference phones moving to their pre-specified locations.
In order to ensure our documentation was accurate, IS required all changes for VoIP have a technician on site. Upon further review, IS has determined that this can be accomplished at a reduced cost. Therefore, IS is making a change to our policy, and trusting Campus to not make phone changes without notifying us. 

Example scenarios

Single Move

Bobbi is moving from office A, into the unoccupied office B. No one else is moving at this time. Bobbi’s From jack will be turned off, and the To jack will be activated for the phone. 

Cost accrued: $80

Multiple Moves

Bobbi and Robyn are moving from their offices in Rainier, to two unoccupied locations on the second floor. No one else is moving at this time. Both ‘From’ jacks will be turned off, and both ’To’ jacks will be activated. 

Cost accrued: $120 ($80 for the first line + $40 for the second)

Simple Swap

Bobbi and Robyn are swapping offices (Bobbi to Robyn’s, and Robyn to Bobbi’s). After the work order process has been engaged, Bobbi and Robyn can move their phones. IS updates documentation, no technician needed for a site visit.

Cost accrued: $30 ($15 for each swap)


John is hired and is taking a currently unoccupied office.

Cost accrued: $80

Triple Swap

John is moving to Robyn’s office, Robyn is moving to Bobbi’s office, Bobbi is moving to John’s. All can move their phones once the work order process has been engaged.

Cost accrued: $45 ($15 for each swap)


John moves to a different department and so his phone service stops. Billing stops (if applicable), no charges and his phone jack is deactivated. Phone gets mailed back to NTS via campus mail.

Cost accrued: $0

Complex Order

John moves to a new department and so his phone service gets cancelled. Bobbi moves to John’s office, Robyn moves to Bobbi’s office, and a new hire moves into Robyn’s office. (This is a Delete, Swap, Swap and Add.) 

  • If these are traditional phones, all of the work could happen remotely. Cost accrued: $45 ($15 per swap)
  • If VoIP, the phones would need to be moved by the users, with John’s phone going into Robyn’s old office for the new hire. Either a technician or the phone coordinator would need to program that phone for the new number. Cost accrued: $110 ($15 per swap + $80 for the addition)


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