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Data Center Services

Service Description

Information Services (IS) manages three data centers located in the following buildings on campus: Allen Hall, Computing Center, and Oregon Hall.

The Allen Hall data center is a physically secure, environmentally controlled, energy-efficient facility for colocation use by UO departments. Allen Hall services include redundant network connections, redundant power, firewalls and other security options. Departments would be responsible for managing their own hardware and software for colocated systems.

Data centers in Oregon Hall and the Computing Center are used by IS staff.

Click on the Request Help button for assistance with the following types of requests: 

  • Installing new hardware in an IS data center
  • Adding hosts to an existing rack space or replacing hardware
  • Data center network help
  • Removing hardware
  • Etc.

Available To

Faculty and staff. This service is available for academic programs, research, and administrative support only.


Must agree to abide by the following specifications:

  1. Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    • Before installing equipment, a signed MOU must be in place between your department and Information Services. The MOU form will be provided as part of the requesting process.
  2. Data Center Access
    • Orientation: Before access is granted to any data center, the department requesting Colocation services must complete a data center safety training and orientation for each data center to which the requestor is requesting access. All tours of the data center must be scheduled in advance.
    • Rack Access: Users will be assigned specific racks and specific locations within their racks in the data center, and will only have access to their racks. Users may only open and work in rack space specifically assigned to them. Instructions for using access control system will be given during training and orientation session.
    • Appropriate Use of Access: Unescorted access is provided to staff for access to rack space assigned to their respective locations only. Data center access must not be used to interfere with data center systems or equipment belonging to other groups
    • Access Requirements: Persons other than full-time IS staff are permitted in the data center only under one of the following conditions:
      • They are full-time staff of the University of Oregon working on a system owned by a UO department and colocated in the data center, under terms specified in an MOU.
      • They are staff of vendors assisting a department with equipment installation or configuration and authorized by prior arrangement with Information Services.
    • Access violations: Information Services reserves the right to terminate unescorted access by staff who have made inappropriate use of the data center access rights granted to them.
  3. Equipment Guidelines
    • Equipment allowed
      • All equipment will be mounted in a standard 19”-wide equipment cabinet.
    • Equipment power requirements
      • Power: All equipment must be able to accept single-phase 240V power. All power cords must utilize C13 or C19 outlets. Each device should be dual-powered by containing two separate power supplies or by utilizing an automatic transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch needs to be approved by Information Services. Two rack-mounted power distribution units (CDUs) fed by different power sources will be supplied in each rack.
    • Equipment installation
      • All equipment must be installed in assigned rack units.
      • It is the responsibility of the requestor to move the equipment into the assigned rack in the data center. With prior notice, IS Operations staff may be available to help with installation.
      • All equipment racks are provided by Information Services. No proprietary racks are allowed in the data center.
      • No rack-mounted uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs) will be allowed in the data center.
      • Adjacent equipment should be mounted contiguously without gaps so space is used efficiently.
      • Equipment must be oriented to vent from a cold aisle to a hot aisle, not vice versa. Contact IS Operations staff with questions if it is unclear how to do this.
      • The person requesting installation is required to arrange with the Data Center Operations Manager for a final review of equipment installation, to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are implemented before the equipment is placed in production.
      • All data center cabinets are set up with rails with square holes. Some server hardware is adapted to snap into these rails with no screws. Other hardware requires that cage nuts and screws be used. If cage nuts are required, M6 cage nuts must be used. Please contact IS Operations if this size cage nuts are needed and not otherwise available.
    • Equipment cabling
      • All power and data network cables will be provided by IS unless otherwise specified by a tenant and approved by IS.
      • All network cables will be labeled by Information Services at both ends.
      • All cables will utilize the provided cable management units with no more than 1 foot of slack.
      • Cabling between racks by customers is NOT allowed.
      • Velcro ties must be used to bundle and manage cables. Zip ties and other methods are not permitted. Velcro will be provided by IS.
      • Metal cable management arms are not permitted in the racks.
      • Fiber cable will be multimode, 50-micron LC/LC fiber.
  4. Equipment Installation Timeline
    • For routine installations (up to four rack units), IS anticipates having associated services installed within 10 business days from the date that a signed MOU and the complete details about services needed are provided by the requestor.
  5. Security Guidelines and Policies
    • Data center tenants must:

Accessing the Service

Please read the "Requirements" section above before beginning the request process.

Once you're ready to start the process, click on the Request Help button and log in with your Duck ID and password, then complete the forms as instructed.

Throughout the process of requesting colocation space, Information Services will:

  • Work with you to prepare to be in the Allen Hall data center (AHDC). These web pages start that process.
  • Assign you space in the data center and ensure the power and network cabling is provisioned for your equipment.
  • Work with you to have the right access rules set up for your servers, as you require.
  • Provide technical support to resolve any issues with the above.


Visit our IT Professional Services knowledge base for all Data Center Colocation related how-to and informational articles, or see Related Articles located on the right of this page.

Support Contact

If you are experiencing a service disruption contact the Technology Service Desk or if you want to request changes to services for colocated equipment, please click on the Request Help button.

For firewall rule requests, visit the Firewall & VPN service page.

Service Levels

For routine installations (up to 4 rack units (RU) with no more than 4 network interfaces), we strive to have your space in the AHDC ready for your equipment to be installed within 10 business days from the date these two conditions are met:

  • A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between your department and Information Services is in place, and 
  • We have complete and correct details regarding the equipment, networking requirements, and security policy requirements

For larger, more complex installations (more RU required, more interfaces, complex security policies) we will work out timing with you as part of the process, but will potentially require more than 10 business days.

The Allen Hall Data Center is designed to accommodate uninterrupted 24x7 operations. Typical maintenance processes will be performed without service disruption. Maintenance that has a substantial risk of causing a service-impacting outage will be performed within a maintenance window whenever possible, and will be announced at and on the appropriate email lists. Network maintenance windows are listed at

To check the status of this service, go to

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

Service Charges

At this time, Allen Hall Data Center colocation services are available at no charge.

Service Provider

Information Services


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