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Information about Microsoft Office 365 available to all students, staff, and faculty.



Below are some general FAQs for Office 365 and OneDrive.


How do I log in to Office 365?

Go to UO Office and sign in with your full UO email address (e.g., and the corresponding password.

How do I install the Office apps on my computer, phone, or tablet?

For installation instructions, see How to install Microsoft Office applications via Office 365.

Which Office apps are currently available for my device through Office 365?

Operating System Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote Publisher Access
Windows laptop/desktop
Mac laptop/desktop -- --
Android -- -- --
iOS (iPhone, iPad) -- -- --
Windows Mobile -- --
Office Offline (via web browser) -- -- --

How many devices can I install the Office apps on?

Each user can install the Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on:

  • Five laptops/desktop computers
  • Five tablets
  • Five phones

All users also have unlimited access to the online versions of the Office apps that run in your web browser.

Can we install the Office apps on our personal computers?

Yes. Users are limited only by the number of installations (see above). Within that limitation, the installations may be on personally owned devices, university-owned devices, or a combination of the two. There is no additional cost for installing the apps on personally owned devices within the 15-device limit noted above.

What if I want to install the Office apps on additional devices?

Microsoft's Home Use Program for UO employees is still in effect. This program allows employees to install the Office apps on one additional personally owned device for a fee. For more information, please consult the Microsoft Office Home Use Program page (external link)

What data can I store in OneDrive?

OneDrive is approved for storing most any file you create as a student or employee of the university. It is suitable for storing FERPA and HIPAA data. FERPA data are covered by the contract with Microsoft. HIPAA data are explicitly covered by Microsoft's Business Associate Agreement, which includes provisions for storing all data within the United States. 

Note: Data protection standards mentioned here are minimum standards. Individual UO units may maintain higher standards for data protection.

What data cannot be stored in OneDrive?

Do not store any credit card or debit card data, or data that relates to credit card transactions, in OneDrive. (This type of data is often referred to as PCI data.) 

Note: Data protection standards mentioned here are minimum standards. Individual UO units may maintain higher standards for data protection.

If I store my data in Microsoft OneDrive, what can Microsoft do with it?

The university's Business Associate Agreement prevents Microsoft from mining that data or using information stored in OneDrive for advertising purposes.

Are there any limits to the amount of storage in OneDrive?

By default, UO users have access to 1 TB each, but storage can be maximized to 25 TB by an administrator. Individual files stored in OneDrive can be no larger than 250 GB in size.

Files up to 500 MB can be copied and moved between folders or groups within the OneDrive web interface. Files larger than 500 MB will need to be downloaded and then uploaded to your desired OneDrive folder or group. 

Is there any backup for the files I save in OneDrive?

UO Information Services is not providing any kind of backup service for your OneDrive storage. We highly recommend that you consider keeping a backup copy of your data in a different location, outside of OneDrive.

I want to install a OneDrive sync client on my Mac. Where can I get that?

Follow the process within the article about Installing OneDrive for Business on Mac.

Note: No installations are necessary for using OneDrive in your web browser. This installation is only required if you want OneDrive to sync files to your computer.

Can I give someone else access to view or edit some of my files?

Yes. For instructions, see Sharing files and folders in OneDrive online.

How can I change my password for Office 365?

Your password for Office 365 is your Duck ID password — the same one you use when you log in to your UO email account, Canvas, the university's wireless network, and other UO services. To manage the password for all of these accounts, go to the Duck ID Self Service page. You cannot select a separate password for Office 365.

Are Emerit faculty members eligible for Office 365?

Yes. If you have any of the following affiliation roles, you are eligible for no-cost access to Office 365. (Access for some of these affiliations is by request.) For additional information, see Affiliation Resource Access Rules.

  • Administrative Faculty
  • Associate
  • Courtesy
  • Emerit
  • Faculty
  • Fixed Term Enduring Faculty
  • Fixed Short Term Faculty
  • Graduate Employee (GE)
  • Retired
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Student Employee
  • Temporary Employee
  • Trustee

Can I get Office 365 access for my role account or other non-person accounts? 

No. Due to the licensing requirements, all non-person accounts are ineligible for Office 365 use. 

Which Office 365 applications are supported by the University of Oregon?

UO supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and OneDrive.

Other applications that may become available through Office 365 are not officially supported. You may still use them, but support may be limited.

Where can I learn more about using Microsoft Office and OneDrive?

On this website you'll find the following pages:

In addition, a variety of free online training resources are available from LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft.



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