Banner: Using Preferred Column and Page Settings


  • This article explains how to use the settings menu in Banner Admin to save preferred column and page formatting.


Banner now supports the ability for users to format many pages to reflect their personal preferences, then make that formatting "stick" between logins. These are the types of formatting that can saved:

  • Column width
  • Column order
  • Lines per page
  • Filter defaults


Saving preferences

Not all parts of all pages can have their customized formatting saved. Some pages not only can have their formatting saved, but they can also have formatting saved for multiple data blocks (grids). You can tell whether a data block can potentially have its formatting saved if it has a Settings menu on top.


To save your column or page settings, click into the block that you want to save. You'll know that settings are savable when you see the Settings icon go from gray to black. You may have to click in several columns in order to make the Settings icon black. The picture below shows the GUAABOT page with its middle data block in a savable state.


The user in this example has reordered the columns in the middle block and made them extra-narrow. To save that preference, they select the "Save Column Settings" item from the Settings menu.


The next time the user opens the GUAABOT page, their middle block columns will stay reordered and extra-narrow. If you change your mind and decide you want to remove those settings from the block, select "Remove Column Settings" from the Settings menu.

You may also save custom pagination settings. In the picture below, the user has changed their preference for the data block in the SOAIDEN page to 10 (from the default of 20). After selecting "Save Pagination Settings", the block retains its 10-line pages. Similar to column settings, pagination settings can be reversed by selecting "Restore Pagination Settings".


Once the settings have been saved, a confirmation message will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Filter settings can also be saved. Be careful when saving filters, however, as they might not work as you expect. Saving a filter only pre-populates the filter field the next time you access the page. It does NOT query for the saved filter value.


Restoring preferences

If you decide that you would like to restore all preferences (Column, Pagination, Filter) that you've previously saved for a data block, you can do it from one menu item. "Restore All" reverses all settings for the selected data block Because it only restores preferences you've saved for the current data block, other data blocks on the same page will have to be navigated to separately.

In the example below, only the saved preferences in the middle block will be restored by Restore All. If the user would like to also restore settings in the bottom block, they will have to navigate the block first, then make a select from that block's Settings menu.

Getting Help

If you have additional questions about this feature, you can get help by clicking "Request Help" on the Banner Service Page.


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