Restoring Files From Crashplan


I accidentally deleted something. How can I recover files in the Code42 app? (formerly Crashplan app)


Click the Code42 icon at the top of your screen (PC users – the icon can be found in the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen). If you do not see this icon, or are unsure whether or not your computer is equipped with the Code42 App, please visit the Desktop and Devices service page to request help.

macOS Finder with Code42 icon highlighted in the system tray

Click the gear icon and select Open Code42 to launch the Code42 app. Sign in with your Duck ID and password. 

Open Code42 dialog box

From the dashboard, select Restore Files

Restore Files dialog box

Click the magnifying glass to search by file name, or click a folder icon to search the contents of a folder. 

Restore files dialog box with the search icon and list of file folders highlighted

You can use the Calendar function to narrow your search further. Deleted files are kept for one year

Restore files dialog box with search term inventory and the calendar icon highlighted

When you've identified the file(s) you would like to restore, click the corresponding checkbox and choose Restore Files....

Restore files dialog box with chosen files to restore, Restore Files... button highlighted

Select a location to save the file. Click Go to finish. 

Restore Files Options dialog box with options to save the selected files. The Go button is highlighted after the file location is chosen.


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