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In Microsoft Teams, custom apps can be built by developers and uploaded to their teams. Custom apps, unlike third party apps, are apps that you can develop yourself and then upload to Microsoft Teams to best customize your workflows to meet your needs. To gain access to develop and upload custom apps to Teams, you must meet several criteria. Before being granted this access, users must agree to all Terms of Service (TOS) below. 

Terms of Service

Job Requirements

Access to develop and upload custom apps to Microsoft Teams requires that the user be the following: 

  • Full or part-time staff member (at least 0.5 FTE) employed by the University of Oregon.
  • Job title and/or at least 50% of job duties and responsibilities are dedicated to a role in Information Technology as an officially-sanctioned job function. 


All responsibility of support, patching, troubleshooting, and development of custom apps is incumbent on the application's creator/s. 

Teams Administration

It is recommended that all MS Teams teams have at least two owners. For teams with custom apps installed, a minimum of two owners with permission to upload and develop custom apps is recommended. Ownerless and orphaned teams with custom apps installed may be subject to deletion by Office 365 administrators. 

Code of Conduct

A team and/or custom app may be removed by O365 administrators if any of the following occur: 


Those seeking to upload and develop custom apps for Microsoft Teams must meet agree to all Terms of Service by submitting a Service Portal ticket requesting access. Users who agree to these Terms of Service will be automatically added to the IS.Office365.Teams distribution list for notification and communication purposes

Requesting Access

Please submit a request through Microsoft Teams Support with the following:  

  • Title your request Teams Custom App Access - <Your Duck ID>
  • State that you agree to the Terms of Service listed here above.
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