How to Change Network Priority for UO Secure (macOS)


This guide can be helpful when trying to connect to UO Secure but your device auto-connects to another UO wireless network first.

It will go over how to adjust network priority or remove unwanted existing network connections.


  1. Navigate to the top right and select your Wi-Fi networks list.
  2. Inside the Wi-Fi networks list, click Open Network Preferences.
    Wi-Fi menu (macOS). This displays a list of Wi-Fi networks that are located near you with the option to "Open Network Preferences..." highlighted at the bottom of the menu.
  3. In the bottom right of Network Preferences, select Advanced.
    Navigate to the bottom right of the network preferences and select, "Advanced."
  4. Inside the menu, you will see one or possibly multiple networks listed within Preferred Networks
  5. You can drag the networks by selecting one, holding the left mouse button, and moving them up/down with the top network being your default network. In the example below, UO Secure is the primary network, and UOGuest is the secondary network.
  6. From this menu, you can also remove and re-add any existing networks or just remove old networks you don't want to be saved anymore. You do this by selecting the network you want to be removed and clicking the minus symbol (-).
    The + and - symbol is located below the list of preferred networks. Accompanied by the text "Drag networks into the order you prefer". You can use the minus symbol to remove a selected network that you do not want saved anymore.
  7. Once you have made the desired changes, click OK.
  8. Click Apply.


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