Using Job Scheduling (AppWorx) with Banner


Successfully using AppWorx requires two separate passwords.

  1. You log in to AppWorx with your Duck ID associated password
  2. AppWorx runs jobs against Banner using your Banner database password

You must set your Banner database password, and then tell AppWorx what it is in order to successfully run jobs.

Any time your Banner database password is changed, AppWorx needs to be updated with the new password.


Step 1: Set your Banner database password

  1. Visit the SSO Manager Credential Management Utility (Chrome is recommended)
  2. Log in to the Utility with your Duck ID and password
  3. Enter your desired Banner database password into the Password box
  4. Click Save
  5. Close the SSO Manager Credential Management Utility page

Step 2: Give your Banner database password to AppWorx

  1. Log in to AppWorx
  2. On the menu across the top, click Object Admin > Administration > Logins
  3. Select your login (it is your Duck ID) and click Edit
  4. Type your Banner database password into the Password box and click OK

To confirm if your Banner database password was entered correctly in AppWorx, request the job CHECK_BANNER_CONNECTION. There are no prompts.

If the job aborts and the log file shows invalid username/password; logon denied, then you need to follow the steps above again.

If the job finishes and the log file shows a successful connection, you are done and can start submitting jobs.



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