Qualtrics: Collaborating With Peers


This article describes how to collaborate with your peers on a Qualtrics survey.


  1. Once you are logged into Qualtrics, open the survey you would like to collaborate on. You can either click on the Collaborate icon, or click on the Tools menu and select Collaborate.
    Homescreen for the selected survey.  A number of options are included, but Collaborate should be the right most option.
  2. Next, you can either:
    • Begin typing in the username of the person. If they have logged into Qualtrics before, their name should auto-populate. If their name appears, click on it.
    • The other option is to type in their full UO email address and click Add. With this option, you will be able to send the user an email inviting them to collaborate with you.
      • NOTE: The email that is sent to users has the wrong login link (directs users to qualtrics.com/login). In the email, please instruct your users to log in at oregon.qualtrics.com.
        The Collaborate window has a search bar at the top that allows you to search for other UO Qualtrics users to add to you project.  There is an Add button next to the search bar for adding the selected user.
  3. After you have added your users, you will be able to select the level of access they will have to the survey.
    Each user is listed with checkboxes for the different permissions they can have.  The permissions are Edit, View Reports, Activate/Deactivate, Copy, and Distribute.  There is also a red minus button at the end of the row to remove the user from the project.
  4. Once you are done adding users and selecting the level of access they will have, click Save.
    The save button at the lower right hand corner of the window will save your sharing permissions.
  • To add more users later or edit existing users' access, click on Collaborate again for the survey. 
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