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Below is some general FAQs for Qualtrics. To log into the University's branded Qualtrics site, go to http://oregon.qualtrics.com. For all other Qualtrics related documentation, visit http://www.qualtrics.com/university/.

How do I use the file upload feature?

The File Upload Feature allows Qualtrics users to attach a file that participants can download to a survey question. Learn how to do this in the following link: http://qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/basic-building/editing-questions/rich-content-editor/attach-a-downloadable-file/#AttachADownloadableFile. In order to use this feature you will need to contact the Technology Service Desk by visiting the Qualtrics service page.

1. Navigate the survey tab and click on the question text that you want to be able to edit. 

1. Navigate the survey tab and click on the question text that you want to be able to edit

2. Click on the Rich Content Editor Lab 

3. Click on More

4. Click the Insert File Icon 

5. Chose the file from your files in your library on your computer or you are able to upload the new file from your computer by being able to click Upload a New File

6. Place the file link where you would like it to appear in the question text

How can I request transfer of ownership of a Qualtrics survey?

Please have the current owner of the survey submit a request here: https://service.uoregon.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=19380.  If the current owner of the survey is no longer at the university, please have an IT Director, Dean or Department Head submit the request for transfer.

How do I get started using the Offline Survey app?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Search for “Qualtrics Surveys” in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Or if you prefer, you can download the Qualtrics Surveys app to your device here: iPad & iPhone | Android Tablets & Smartphones
  2. Open the App on Your Device
    • Before you enter your credentials, make sure to orient your iPad vertically as all the required fields will not be visible or allow you to scroll down if you try to log in with your iPad oriented horizontally. Most Android mobile devices are not affected as they should only allow a vertical orientation normally; however, Android tablets may have the same issue.
    • Since the U of O uses its own login system to access Qualtrics (Single Sign-On), the steps for connecting to your Qualtrics account will be slightly different:
      1. Open an Internet application on your mobile device (i.e. Safari, Chrome, or Browser) and go to http://oregon.qualtrics.com
      2. Log in to your Qualtrics account with your DuckID and password
      3. Click your name on the top right of the screen and select Account Settings
      4. Click on Qualtrics IDs. 
      5. Find your Organization ID and API token.
        • If you don’t yet have an API token, click Generate API Token.
        • You will want to highlight and copy the API token
      6. Go back to Qualtrics Offline Surveys app and tap the grey gear symbol to open the Settings section. 
      7. Double tab TWICE on the center of the user to reveal the hidden fields below username and password. 
      8. In the Username field, enter your DuckID username, the “#” symbol, and oregon (ie wesb#oregon).
      9. Leave the password field blank and enter the API token you found online.
      10. Tap Save
  3. Tap the Survey You Wish to Download to Your Device. Once the survey is downloaded, you’re ready to start collecting responses offline.  Survey responses will be stored on your device until you choose to upload them to your online account.
  4. Uploading Responses. Once you’ve collected your responses to a survey and have an active Internet connection, you can upload the responses into to your Qualtrics account.

Note: The purpose of the app is to collect face-to-face feedback without an Internet connection. The app was not designed to activate or edit a survey. When downloading surveys to your device, the app will notify you if any question modifications are needed. If you receive this notification, log in to your Research Suite account on your computer and use the mobile compatibility adviser to optimize your survey before downloading to your device.

How do I get support for Qualtrics and Off-line App?

There are several places you can get help:

What happens to our survey data if the University should not renew the site license?

If this scenario were to happen, Qualtrics has agreed to work with our users to export or migrate data in XML format.


All support and training requests will be handled by Qualtrics with the exception of survey ownership transfers and enabling features. Help can be found via the Help and Tutorials link in the application or via the support links provided below.

Web Resources


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