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How do I connect to the SOJC File server (to access Classes, Flash.sys, etc)?


Note: For all users, if you are on campus, follow the directions below. If you are off campus, please start with connecting over VPN, then follow the guide below.


In the Finder (Desktop), type the keystroke, ⌘K, or click the Go menu at the very top of the screen, then Connect to Server.

Go menu in macOS Finder

In the window that pops up, type in afp:// Click Connect

Connect to Server window

You will be prompted for your Duck ID username and password.

Name and Password

Click Connect again. You may choose to Remember this password in my keychain

Volume select window

This is now selecting the share, you would like to mount. If you do not have access to a share, it will not show in this window.

  • For Students, this will be Classes 
  • If you only have access to a single share, the above window will not show, and your computer will just automatically connect to the single share you have access to.

Windows 10

From the Start menu, open File Explorer.

Start menu, File Explorer

In the search bar, type: \\

File Explorer window

Authenticate using your Duck ID username and password. You will need to put AD\ before your username, or the login may fail.

Enter network credentials

Once you click OK, you will see and have access to the Classes folder.

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