How to add a printer from sa-print


Below are the steps for adding a printer from sa-print.

  • It is only available to staff and students using USS-managed computers 
  • You will need to know your printer's HR tag number.

This will only add the printer for the user currently logged in. 

Steps for Windows PC

  1. Be logged in to a USS-managed computer
  2. Click the Start menu in the bottom-right corner or click the Windows icon on the keyboard
  3. In the Search programs and files field, type \\sa-print and press Enter
  4. A new window will open listing all available printers on sa-print
  5. Locate your printer by searching for the HR tag in the upper-right corner of the newly opened window
  6. Once you have located your printer, double-click on the printer:
    • It will install any needed drivers and add the printer
    • Please be patient it can take a moment to start 
  7. You should now be able to print to your newly added printer

Steps for macOS

  1. Locate the HR tag on your printer and note down the number
  2. Contact USS-Admin by calling us at 541-346-1130 or submitting a ticket on the Office/Departmental Printing Support service page
  3. We will start a BeyondTrust session with you in order to install the printer


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