Banner search bug introduced April 2024

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This article describes the way Banner search was changed in an undesirable way with the upgrade installed in April 2024.

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New Search Behavior

The search box now returns results for all forms, pages, menus, jobs, and quickflows in Banner, including things you don't have access to open.

If you try to launch something you don't have access to open, you'll see an error that says *ERROR* Invalid object name.

A screenshot of a blank Banner screen with error text.

Note: If you see the above error, but you're confident you do need to access what you searched for, see How to get or update Banner access to request access.

Best Practice for Searching

To have the best search experience going forward, we recommend searching for the seven letter form name instead of partial words from the descriptive title.

In example, this looks like searching for PWIVERI instead of just the word verification because the latter now returns several dozen form results, some of which you may not have access to open.

Banner search screen with PWIVERI entered into search

You may also find it helpful to mark forms you use as Favorites. In search results, forms that are in your Favorites will display with a blue star to their right.

One Banner form is marked with a blue star, indicating it is a Favorite.

For more information about Favorites, see Using the Favorites feature in Banner 9.

Can search be fixed?

This issue has been reported to Ellucian, the vendor that makes Banner.

We don't yet know if or when they might address it.

Previous Behavior

Prior to the weekend of April 13, 2024, the search box was only displaying forms you had permission to access. When searching for something you didn't have access to, you'd see No Results Found below the search box.

No Results Found message that displayed prior to April 12.

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