Setting Read-Only Access for a SharePoint Homepage

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Learn how to establish read-only permissions for visitors on a SharePoint site.

By implementing these instructions, you can ensure that external users or guests have limited access to view the content without the ability to make any changes.


  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in to your Microsoft Account using your full UO email address and password.
  3. Click on SharePoint.
    SharePoint link in top-left corner highlighted
  4. Choose the SharePoint page you would like to set as read-only.
    SharePoint home page
  5. In the top right corner, select the gear icon and then choose Site contents.
    Settings menu for SharePoint with Site contents highlighted.
  6. Right click on the Site Pages folderand then click Settings from the drop-down menu.
    Site Pages folder with Settings sub-menu highlighted.
  7. Click on Permissions for this document library from the Permissions and Management column.
    Permissions for site pages in SharePoint.
  8. Click Stop Inheriting Permissions.
    Stop Inheriting Permissions highlighted
  9. Click on checkbox for desired read-only group. The group in this example has Visitors in the name.
    Select the desired group's checkbox.
  10. Select checkbox for Read – Can view pages and list items and download documents. Then, click OK button to complete the process.
    Read checkbox and OK button highlighted

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